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Media Academy

What is Media Academy eXperience?

 MAX stands for Media Academy eXperience.  A program for juniors and seniors, MAX blends the curriculum of English, Social Studies, and Media Production, using a project-based, interdisciplinary approach to education.

Students are in MAX for two years, and during that time they master and receive credit for:  English 5-6 CP; English 7-8 CP; US History 1-2 CP; Government; Economics; TV/Video Production 1; TV/Video Production 2.

We are committed to the idea that school should be a fun and creative learning environment and that students should experience expectations which require habits and behaviors that insure their success in the work place or in college.  

Teachers in MAX design projects using the college prep curriculum, and provide students with the opportunity to create videos and media using industry-grade equipment and technology.


How many classes does MAX take in my schedule?

It will take 3 classes each year--English, Social Studies, and TV/Video Production.  English and Social Studies you would take anyway, TV/Video Production is an elective.

How do you mix 11th and 12th grade students?

We loop the program on a 2 year cycle, and do the 11th and 12 grade curriculum on alternating years.  Because the English and Social Studies classes aren't a sequence (like math or foreign language) it doesn't really matter if you do English 7-8CP before English 5-6CP, or if you do Government and Economics before you do US History.

How do you deal with grades if a lot of the work is group-project based?

We organize projects into production teams that are responsible for meeting deadlines and creating a product. Part of this process involves identifying roles for people on a team, and then holding each other accountable for work.  Your grade largely depends on your ability to meet the deadline and production expectations of your teachers and your team members--and to appropriately negotiate with your team and your teachers when you need more time, or when a teammate isn't performing.  

The teachers in MAX strongly believe that learning the time management skills and the communication skills around production prepares you to meet and exceed the expectations you will experience in the work place or in college.  Returning graduates tell us time and time again that MAX taught them how to deal with the real world!  

I don't know anything about technology.  

Don't worry about it!  We'll teach you everything you need to learn!

Who shouldn't join MAX?

People who struggle with consistent attendance.  Students who are consistently absent discover that their teachers aren't the only people who are upset with them.  Classmates become tired of your inability to meet deadlines and participate, and eventually request that they not be placed in groups with you--and we honor those requests.  

What happens if I join and don't like it?

We'll try to figure out what's not working for you and see if it can be fixed!  If it can't, we'll move you back into the regular program.  This happens with one or two students each year.

How do I get more information about  Media Academy? or How do I sign up for Media Academy?

You can get more information about MAX from Mr. Temple, Mrs. Ayoob, or Ms. Thurston.  You can also talk to your counselor about signing up.  There is a binder for sign ups in the counseling office, and you can sign up online when you sign up for your classes in February.