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Mock Trial

Welcome to the SRHS Mock Trial Program

Mock Trial is a nationwide academic competition open to all high schools. The Constitutional Rights Foundation creates a case every year in which students have to play the roles of district attorney, defense attorney, witnesses, public safety officers and defendant. The competition is the trial where students are judged by local attorneys on how well they know the case, know their roles, and answer the judge’s questions. Since 2012, students from San Rafael High School have competed against every other Marin County high school.

The 2018-19 SR team captains include: Jordan Locke, Lilly Datnow*, Sam Allen and Jonah Glickstein. The team members are Amelia Cabrales, Archer Glickstein, Citlali Munoz, Doris Martinez, Ashley Flores, Doris Martinez, Elena Pletcher, Jackson Kosinski, Joshua Kosinski, Katie Horsley*, Kylie Flannagan, Max Lobato**, Nina Dell’ Angelica, Sid Leipsic, Sophia Bokaie*, Walker Burdick, Sophie Horsely, Wensly Lopez, Zack Mcguire, and Zully Lopez. Our team would not be complete without our time keeper Marcos Gulati.

*Denotes team member received special performance award in the 2018 Marin County Competition. **Max Lobato won county artist of the year and participated in the state championship in Riverside.

San Rafael Mock Trial students are coached by SRHS parent attorneys and other local attorneys as they prepare for this year’s fictional case and take it to trial in front of sitting Marin County judges The team practices two to three times a week throughout the season (September through February) to prepare for the county competitions. The season culminates in Saturday “trials” in late January and early February where all the Marin county schools go head to head an the Marin Civic center. All are welcome to come watch!

Through hands on experience, Mock Trial provides an incredible opportunity for students of all grades to improve their communication, public speaking, and advocacy skills. Students also build life skills such as critical thinking and team building.  In addition to improving the student’s abilities, being part of Mock Trial looks great on a college application.

Mock Trial team 2018

Introductory Mock Trial Video

Click HERE to see a video about the SRHS Mock Trial program (2014).