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Abigail Spaelti

Google Classroom

To my students:

Please follow these directions to log in to and add my class in your Google Classroom.

1.  Log in to Google using your school login and password. 
**NOTE:  Add to your school login to create an email address for Google
2.  Open Drive
3.  Click on the 9 square icon in the upper right corner to show available apps.
4.  At the bottom, click on "more" to see the Classroom app. 
5.  Open Classroom.
6.  Look for a + sign at the top, right side of the page and follow the directions to “add a class”
Class Codes:
Government 4th Period - mn3e8yx
Government 5th Period - smhkvt
US History 7th Period - sxz5cu5
LA 204

US Government - Economics

Media Academy - US History


Click on your class link to find your homework, long-term projects and important handouts.

Please check often, because the site is updated regularly.

If you have any questions, concerns, problems or just want to check in - please email me at or through the LoopMail system.

Thanks for visiting!

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