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Class of 2023

2023 Logo

Sign-up for Tree Lot!!

Santa BulldogChristmas Tree

Tree Lot is the biggest fundraiser at San Rafael High.  Each class, club, or sport receives a percentage of the proceeds based on the number of hours worked.  More volunteer hours means more money for Safe & Sober Grad Night and Prom!!  

The Class of 2023 is asked to staff the lot on Friday, December 6 and Saturday, December 14, but your hours can go toward the Class of 2023 whenever you work.  

Homecoming 2019 - Class of 2023 Float

Freshman Class Theme - Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo Float

Class of 2023 Contacts

We are your Class of 2023 Parent Leads. We are here to support the students, and you, throughout the next four years at SR!  Hopefully the students are settling into this year and finding their rhythm.  Please feel free to reach out with any and all questions, suggestions, comments, etc...

Rachel von Doepp

Maren DeGraff 

Tory Harter

Alee Nicandri

Mia Swain

Jo Pocock

Class of 2023 Fundraising

All fundraising and donations go directly to our class as we work toward funding our kids' future Safe & Sober Grad Night and supplementing the cost of the 2023 Prom.  Donations are much appreciated and may be tax deductible!  A lot more info coming soon!