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Mr. Snaith's Website

Welcome to my class website. I have created this website to keep students and parents informed of homework assignments, tests, and other important information associated with class.






!!!Back-to-School Night Parents!!!

It was great to see everyone last night. The syllabi for each class has been posted under their corresponding link to the left. 

Cool Math Websites

I have compiled a small list of some great math websites. I constantly update the list, so check back often.

  • Brightstorm - Over 2000 videos of math topics for courses in Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 (Adv. Algebra), and Pre-calculus. This is an excellent source of information. Every math student should visit this site on a regular basis. Each course is broken down by topic. Although you do have to sign-up, the math videos are all free, some of the other topics have a cost.
  • High School ACE - Academic page full of resources for high school students. Many topics are covered, not just math.
  • Algebra Help - This is a great FREE resource. You can ask questions (many have already been asked and solved), there are lessons and examples to help you in most math concepts. Spend some time looking around the site as there is quite a bit of information.
  • Math Open Reference - GEOMETRY STUDENTS!!! You must check this site out. It has great interactive online applications to explain many geometry topics. The demonstrations on how to do constructions are excellent.
  • Online Graphing Calculator - This is a FREE online graphing calculator. It graphs both functions and parametric equations. 
  • - This is a website dedicated to the TI Calculators. Some good information
  • History of Mathematics Archive - University of St Andrews, Scotland maintains this wonderful site full of history topics, famous curves, and biographies.
  • Rotation Application - This is a great Geometry app! Interactive demonstration of How to Perform a Rotation.