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Ashley Sanchez Ayoob

Meeting Dates

Fall 2019 Important Dates

Informational Meeting: September 18, 2019

Application Due Date: October 11, 2019

Community Service Hours Due Date: December 6, 2019


California Scholarship Federation


The application for CSF is now CLOSED! If you missed the deadline please keep and ear and eye out for the Spring 2020 application window (meeting should be held in January and applications are due in February). For current applications keep in mind that:  Community service hours are due by December 6th to LA 210. Forms can be printed in the file cabinet and copies will be outside of LA 210.



1. HeadsUP Carnival Volunteer, October 11-12th,
Sign Up for Heads Up Carnival


2. BULLDOG PRIDE DAY- NOVEMBER 9th. This is a great opportunity for students, parents, alumni, neighbors, and friends to join the student/parent community in a day of service that is focused on improving the function and appearance of our school. Please contact Peter Gebbie 415-342-9930 or if you are able to volunteer for a morning or afternoon shift. A full day could satisfy your hours for the semester! 


3. ON CAMPUS  Check in with the College and Career Center, Ms. Diaz has plenty of opportunities for you to get involved in your community. There is also Tutoring in the library after school. Lastly, check on campus and the bulletin for announcements. 


4. Please visit this site for other volunteering options 


Program Overview

The California Scholarship Federation is one of the oldest Honor Societies at the high school level. C.S.F., founded in 1921, emphasizes high standards of scholarship and community service for California high school students. 

Membership is based on a grade and point system for each semester, with enrollment commencing each term. Grading and point scale is listed on the application, along with approved courses to determine eligibility.

  • Only 5 courses may be used for application (please reference the course list in the file cabinet)
  • Each A is worth 3 points
  • Each B is worth 1 point
  • D’s or F’s render candidate ineligible 
  • Non-academic subjects such as P.E. and Teacher’s Assistant are not eligible for application.
  • Each student must have a minimum of 10 points to qualify. 
  • Freshmen are not eligible for membership until the second semester of their Freshmen year.
  • Members must also complete at least five hours of community service each semester

Please view the application for more information. Enrollment is advertised and open at the beginning of each semester in the bulletin, This Week @SR, and outside of Mrs. Ayoob’s classroom.


C.S.F. provided numerous benefits. Members are working with students who have similar interests and participate in club and volunteer activities that give back to the San Rafael community. They will be a part of a 95 year old, respected, non-profit organization, which is older than the National Honor Society and the Southern Academic Fraternities. College admissions officers note a student’s membership in C.S.F. Students who maintain membership for a minimum of four terms in the last three years of high school (one of which must be using grades from their SENIOR year) are awarded Life Time Membership.



*****In order to receive graduation honors you must do the following*****

LIFE MEMBERSHIP = FOUR semesters of membership, including Senior year NOT including Freshmen year.

Honor Cord


Stand Up at Graduation



LIFE MEMBERSHIP 100%= SIX semesters of membership, including Senior year NOT including Freshmen year.

Honor Cord


Stand Up at Graduation


Seal on Official Transcript



 If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the C.S.F. Advisor Mrs. Ayoob at  



Application & Community Service Documents