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12th Grade Updates & Info


10,000 Degrees has created a list of helpful websites to utilize with different links and resources for seniors to view. This includes things like:

Senior Year Timeline

College Account Log In Tracker

Undocumented students resources list

College Virtual Tours

College Admission Requirements

Writing Prompts

And so much more!

Check it out here.

Directions on Entering Junior Year Grades on your College Applications

Last year, your class schedule presented an unusual situation for entering your Junior year grades on the college applications this year. Please follow this advice we received from a CSU, and UC Rep. to view the instructions.


Welcome Class of 2022!

You just applied to College, now what?

Some students are now starting to hear back from schools, congratulations!

  • You have until May 1st to make a decision (within the student portal)

  • Wait to get financial aid packets via student portals to see how much each school is offering you. You will need this information to make a financial decision on what schools are best for you and your family. You can review these packets with CCC staff.

  • The work is not over yet seniors. Please review this Spring Semester Checklist of things you should be working on now.

    Check list

Going to COM or SRJC After Graduation?

If you plan to attend college of Marin or Santa Rosa Junior College after high school, it is not too late to apply. See CCC staff to schedule a meeting for help on the application. If you plan to attend COM or SRJC you must also apply for financial aid ASAP!

Financial Aid week Oct. 25-29

Seniors! Get help on the FAFSA or Cal Dream ACT

View the calendar and get links here

Oct. 25 - Financial aid presentation in English at 6pm via zoom

Oct. 26 - Financial Aid presentation in Spanish at 6pm via zoom

Oct. 27-29- Financial Aid Workshops (Stay tuned for details)

Past Senior Success Workshops/ Presentations 2021/2022

Developing Your College List - Sept. 15

Writing the UC Personal Insight Questions (presented by the UC Berkeley Rep) - Sept. 16, 2021

Writing the Common App Essay - Sept. 21 during 

Applying to Nursing Programs 

Sept. 30

Financial Aid Application

Oct. 1st (Spanish Presentation)

College Rep Visits

visit schedule: 2021/2022 Rep Visit Schedule 

* As more reps sign up we will update this schedule 

Instructions for Signing-up For College Rep Visits

Freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are invited to sign-up for college representative visits. Please sign-up at least one day in advance of the visit. College visits will be taking place during Advisory and lunch. A pass will be sent out to serve as a reminder that you signed up. The visits are normally about 35-40 minutes long. At the end of the visit, the student’s pass will be signed for them to return to class. Students are encouraged to attend a few visits. Students find it helpful to hear what colleges have to offer and to hear questions asked by other students as well as have the opportunity to ask any questions if they arise. Please continue to check for additions to the list!

SAT/ACT Information


SAT/ACT Information

Most colleges, Including the UC's, have decided to become "test-optional" for fall 2021 applicants due to the coronavirus, meaning that they will consider your scores if you have them, but won't penalize you if you do not. Check out the list of test-optional colleges.   The CSUs absolutely will not consider any SAT or ACT scores. 

Compass Learning Group publishes an excellent, comprehensive guide to SAT and ACT testing. Compass Guide to admission testing


However, if you are applying to any elite colleges or highly competitive majors within a college, test scores might help your chances of admission. Call or email the admissions offices at those colleges to inquire about whether they prefer for you to submit scores. If so, you may want to register for and take the SAT or ACT this fall. They are offered every month, though you may have to go to a test site farther away from Marin. 

If you decide to take the test, be sure to spend several weeks preparing for it. Khan Academy and have fantastic, FREE, independent study online courses. Go to: Khan Academy and Free ACT prep. Or prep with a good study guidebook, such as the most recent The Official SAT Study Guide or The Real ACT Prep Guide. 

Click here to stay updated on SAT tests

Welcome 2021/2022

Welcome to the 2020/2021 school year. Congratulations class of 2021! I am thrilled to be working with you all this school year. This year holds a lot of new learning and reprogramming our everyday lives, know that you are not alone. We, the College and Career Center staff are here for you. We understand that senior year is stressful enough as it is and our goal is to ease some nerves.


CCC Advisor

Seydi Cifuentes, College and Career Advisor  

Acesora de Universidades y Carreras

Office hours: 

Monday- Friday

8:00am -4:30pm 

Yo Hablo Español 

Make an appointment here

Hacer cita aqui

(415) 485-2330 Extension: 5075

College Consultant

Matt Slavin, Heads Up College Consultant

Office hours:

Wednesdays 9:30am-2:30pm

Thursdays 9:30am-2:30pm

and by appointment. 

Make an appointment here

(415) 485-2330 Extension: 5075

Internship coordinator

Ivan Diaz, Internship Coordinator 

Cordinador de aprendisajes

Yo Hablo Español 

(415) 485-2330 Extension: 5075

10,000 Degrees Fellow

Dayrin Flores, 10,000 Degrees College Access Fellow 

Phone number: (415) 521-1598 

In Person office hours: Wednesdays 10am-1pm 

Virtual Office Hours: Mon/Tues/Wed 3pm-5pm 

Schedule Appointment here

Students can complete this form if they are interested in our resources and would like me to follow up with them.